More Examples of Why The Pools In Vegas Are No Joke

It's like a feast for the eyes in there. You would have to look hard to find an average girl in most Vegas pools these days. I don't know how they do it, but hope they keep doing it for a LONG time.

Busty English Babe At The Pool

I'm not sure if this is someone that people know or not, but I figured you would want to see her anyway. Apparently she only buys one kind of bikini every year, she just gets in the multiple colors. Good plan.

Sometimes You Just Need A Sexy Booty in Your Face

And today is DEFINITELY one of those days!

Very Nice Rack For Such A Skinny Girl

I really hope those puppies are natural.

Great Spot To Catch Some Rays

What a beautiful view!

Seriously Smokin' Body!

Not sure where I ran across her, but the 2nd pic looks to have been taken with a cheerleader friend, so I'm guessing it was in my Internet travels on behalf of College Cheerleader Heaven. Regardless, this girl is a hottie that deserves every second of the attention I am sure she gets every time she puts on a bikini.