Bikini Hooters Girl Taylor

Since I'm headed up there Saturday to watch UFC 148, I thought I would post this smokin' hot Hooters waitress & Hooters bikini calendar hopeful today. She's a winner, boys.

The Return of Bikini Booty Friday!!!!

I hope to make this a regular, weekly post again because it has just been too damn long since we've posted to finest bikini booties in the world. This post has always been one of my favorites and one of your favorites, so I'm glad to have it back.

So no more words. On to the booties!!!!

Already Preparing for Spring Break

I know school just started (or is about to start), but it's never too early to start thinking about spring break. I hope the sorority girls are already in the gym getting their bodies top notch!

Ashlee Simpson Bikini

Update on One of our Favorite Posts Ever

We've got a lot of posts on Bikini Babe Heaven that have staying power in the popularity department. One of our most downloaded pictures of all time came from this post of a group of sorority girls partying at one of the world famous Vegas pools.
Well today I randomly found some of these girls on Facebook. Apparently they all go to Missouri State in Springfield, MO. Pretty sure that makes them the hottest girls on campus. Missouri State isn't full of dogs, but these girls are on a different level than I've normally seen down there.
So here are just a few more bikini pics of some of these girls. Enjoy!

Tremendous Self Shot Bikini Babe

There are too many great things to say about this picture. I don't even know where to start!

Hottest Thing That's Ever Been In That Pool

And I have a feeling it's not even close!

Sexy Brunette Takes Her Friends to the Lake

Lake beaches can be hit or miss in the US, but this one was hit for at least a little while.

Bikini Car Washes Never Get Old

And neither do these pictures from grooverman!