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My Hot wife likes to get sex massage every week.Real amateur hot wife banged by other men in front of her husband. Pics, stories and videos for your pleasure here.My hot wife spends a lot of time in hotel rooms getting banged by other men with my permission of course. I watch as she sucks their tools into her pretty mouth then spreads her legs offering them her sweet holes. Sometimes I bang her with the other guys but usually I bang her mouth after they've finished with her.My Hot Wife loves wife massage stories.

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I am A husband of My hot wife and completely in love and lust with his wife beginning to Explore the hotwife lifestyle. That's why its My Hotwife Dreams right now. And yes, she does know my secret. I am sharing pictures of her too. There are some scattered in the main pages and also some posted on the My Hotwife link for your viewing pleasure. 18 and older only please.I hope you like my hot wife and wife massage stories.

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I'm an average built husband (average in all aspects of his life) somehow my hot wife is a gorgeous, dominant woman.My hot wife clearly holds the upper hand in this relationship because we both know that I will never be able to land another wife as perfect as her if we were to break up. you see my kind of husband all the time and wonder "why is she with me??" maybe it's my money. maybe it's something else. who knows why she is forced to remain content with a small sized cock. I would always think of her emotions when analyzing my size. So, I let her enjoy big tools and bulls. This episode of hot wife photos and video contains our session with a nice bull.He was big sized and perfect to share my wife.

Having to help her get ready and having to serve him with her juicy holes.It's really hot. She makes the bull undress her, like a strip tease for the bull. He lays back her between his legs while I kept watching and recording. While they kiss the each other and my wife has started to service the bull. I think that was really hot.



I also enjoyed the idea of the sub resisting at first when she first started to suck the muscular bull on my bed...but I suddenly changed my mind and thought he can't really go through with the whole thing....and then to get him in line the dominant wife told the bull to rough her up a little bit. and when the bull just started to approach us and maybe just given me a fake smile--like he was about to bang my hot wife.



It all worked for me, and I was able to see how the bull banged her more in the humiliation of the husband, maybe great than any other fuck of our life, "I've always wondered how it would feel to get a gang-bang for her? and maybe the wife threatens me she will whip me if the bull makes a cum deposit inside her, the bull said he would ram her holes but without depositing his juices inside.

watch our entire bedroom session.  I think everybody with a wife sharing mind would like Hot wife and husband in bedroom [photos and video]. Share your comments about my wife and the bull's actions on our bed.

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Ever since our honeymoon, I loved to watch My Hot Wife with another man. I have never disclosed it until I knew my wife's hot habits.She was just a kind of impenetrable woman. I have taken the very same vacation year after year and always got a decent fuck for her.I do mean the very same, the same motel, the same suit in many cases,the same dates, seventeen years running now, all the same but fucker is always different.I'm sure that sounds painful for many husband but,not for me.But, having a very narrow window of time in the spring while trying to maintain a very strict budget, we just managed to entertain my hot wife.


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I have an entertaining sexy wife, To me it was a no-brainer; I was simply trying to gain her approval. she always laughingly, told me it was from her revolutionary sex skills; I always rebutted, "Having a spectacular pair of legs and a nice ass is not a skill."

I would infer from what I have mentioned that perhaps I may have some gift of this kind, not that of being invulnerable, because experience has many times proved to me that I am of tender flesh and not at all impenetrable; nor that of being proof against enchantment, for I have already seen myself thrust into a cage, in which all the world would not have been able to confine me except by force of enchantments for my sexy wife.

she'd dance with other guys she met (most of them in their twenties, which was a big turn-on for both of us) but she was always afraid that somebody in our friend's circle would find out and ruin us both socially. Not that we're socialites or anything but doing something like that isn't accepted by a lot of people around us.

I can safely say that she is hot. At five feet three inches, 108 lbs, gorgeous ass, perfect curves, flawless skin, and an amazingly cute innocent looking face, the fact that she is a college professor really made little difference. If she were a bottle washer, the testosterone-filled young men at this motel would have been attracted to her.

She truly is gorgeous and will be stared at, especially by her male students, males in general for that matter. It's been said that if men stare at a woman as she walks by, she's beautiful, but if both men and women stare, she's hot.

She's the type of female that you might see in a class B movie, only she's truly brilliant, naturally beautiful, professional, and has perfect C-cup breasts that God gave her.Most of the guys who banged her were soothed, but shook their heads in a dubious and moral way.

This all gives the sonic notions of the days at that time. Upon returning to the motel later that evening, we couldn't help noticing several of the University guys sitting on the road, we tried to pick one each day.Not at all unusual after getting to know us. As we returned motel, we managed playing a drinking game, which required the loser to down a shot, and as it appeared they must have all been losing. My life style is clearly expressed in these Hot Wife Photos.

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I was able to try an actual two way this past weekend. My Sexy Wife got two young students at hotel.The two guys softly banged my Hot wife, they've been getting hot together as the time was passing. I hadn't met them before, we picked them up from the road and got them in a hotel room just minutes after.They got undressed and proceeded to fuck her all holes. I was watching the makings of large loads, very enjoyable.I was more distinguished by that circumstance than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn. I spent most of Saturday afternoon recording those session of my wife, sometimes watching, sometimes just listening to each other. She loved it. Then we attempted the threesome which Went pretty well.






I must share a video of this session. I hope all Wife Lovers would like to watch this video of my hot wife. check it below.

From being irresolute and purposeless, her feet became animated by an intention, and, in the working out of that intention, they took her to the sofa to adopt all positions. I say thanks to her for sharing enjoyment.The Sexy Wife Sounded pretty hot and happy. It ought neither to force nor to allure into either of those two channels of my wife a greater share of the capital. She Sounded as things have been pretty good for the entire day and were getting even better for me and my taste. Can’t say I’d go for the double entry myself. More of a traditional threesome guy but if Me and my Hot wife loved it then there is more power for Me.She Must have been intense to meet those guys who had been fucking her for the last three hours.
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I am touching my forty-third of age. I married her when she was just 22. There was a big difference between my Hot Wife's age and mine. I kept on satisfying her daily but as she was young, I failed to keep it smooth. I loved her very much. I never wanted to loose her company. After a thinking of months,I got up a final solution;i.e to get her involved with young guys. I've so many fantasies about my wife; most of them were about her boobs; most of them were very stubborn, but what really turned me on was the fantasy of watching her with a boy of teen ages.I've to admit that some of the more exciting ideas were really dirty and perfect for every Husband of my nature.


Her breasts are such a complete turn-on. They are Gems to be admired and enjoyed. you cannot deny this fact. I shared her videos on Massage Xvideos for Hearing comments, and people started sharing thoughts as just plain fun.


I allowed her to stare at young guys. I often asked her to dress in a sexy style so that road guys can have a good look of her assets. She liked the idea and kept on staring guys for fun. Later, I selected the most beautiful guy and recommended her to bring him home.

It was a real turn on. I kept on watching their sexual play. The teen boy was experienced enough to play with her assets.

My Sexy Wife was enjoying this fun without bothering my feelings. It was just what I needed from her.I liked her act of doing all bravely.


One thing which surprised me was; the boy had a fat tool. He was well endowed.It was really a nice tool for my shared wife. He liked her butts and wanted a rear entry. She allowed him to use all holes.



I hope all Wife lovers would like my style of Wife Sharing. These pictures narrate all scenes that happened during our session. How you rate my Hot Wife? share your comments, I like reading such comments about her.

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I like husbands making wife share confessions. The main reason behind the fact is "Such husbands are great."I love those hot wives too. I met a wife last week in a bar. She was staring at men with muscular bodies. She was not aware that I was looking at her. After a few minutes, I approached her and she welcomed me with naughty smile. We talked a little and went into a small corner of the bar. She made her confession that her husband loves threesome and she was looking to find a great wife banger who can bang her with her husband. It seemed a great idea so I agreed to do that fun with a Hot Wife.








I hope all husband with that sort of mind would enjoy these wife sharing photos. It is an idea that everybody can't enjoy. I would be waiting for your comments about these type of meetings. Share and enjoy some spicy comments about Hot wife here.
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I had always a dream of seeing her with another man.Luckily, I found men for my Hot Wife. She would often dress up for me when we were in a different town where no one knew us. We'd go into streets and she would have on a short skirt and a string top. She would have a couple of drinks and then go to the restroom and put her knickers and bra into her handbag. She would go onto the floor without me a flirt with all the horny guys. To be honest this made me very jealous but I also loved it and I knew that she was doing it because I asked her to.To celebrate her birthday, I shared my hot wife with friends. For one time they got permission to fuck my wife in her pussy and then in her asshole. she was very happy that day. Check this birthday treat for my Wife.

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