Cleavage! Cleavage! Cleavage!

Looks like that bikini is only about 3 sizes to small to actually contain those monsters.
By the way, anybody know who this is? I get the impression she's some sort of C-list British celeb.

Stretching Out Those Polka Dots

They were just tiny little dots before she put that bikini on!

Bikini Booty Friday - 8/24/12 Edition

I'm glad the return of Bikini Booty Friday has been met with such warm feelings. I hoped I wasn't the only one that loved a nice tushy in a bikini!

Shading Her Boobs

Because the last thing we want is for her incredible cleavage to get sunburned!

8 Coeds All In A Row

I love these pictures. I also love rankings and lists. So here are my rankings (1-8) from left to right. Leave yours in the comments.

Who's Ready To Go Wakeboarding!

I've never wakeboarded in my life, but if it gave me any sort of shot to land a chick like that I'd be on that board in a second.

Underboob On A Rock Beach

I've never understood the draw of a beach made up of little rocks. Doesn't seem very enjoyable to me.

Underboob, on the other hand, seems immensely enjoyable. So I guess this beach is sort of a win/loss proposition.

Beach Time Sexiness

The sexy quotient at that beach increase significantly when this trio showed up!

What A Great Self Shot

I'd take lots of pictures of myself if I looked like that too!